The general meetings of Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services which took place in Berne on 12 June 2015 elected Dominique Biedermann, Ethos' CEO up to then, to the chairmanship of Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services. At the same time, he will quit the management of Ethos in order to concentrate on his new tasks. He succeeds Kaspar Müller, founding member of Ethos in 1997 and chairman since 2007, who decided not to present himself for re-election.

Konrad Wüest, CEO and CIO of the pension fund of the city of Lucerne since 2006, was elected to the board of Ethos Services. He replaces Heinz Achermann, member of the board since 2006 and prior to that member of the board of Ethos Foundation from 1999 to 2006, who did not seek re-election.

Vincent Kaufmann, currently Deputy CEO, was appointed CEO. He joined Ethos in 2004 as corporate governance analyst. He went on to become successively Deputy Head of Corporate Governance, Head of Investment and Controlling and eventually Deputy CEO in 2013. A Swiss certified Expert for Accounting and Controlling since 2009, Vincent Kaufmann holds a Master's degree in Management from the University of Geneva.

Finally, Anthony Gloor was appointed Head of Corporate Services, member of the management of Ethos Services. He holds a Master's degree in Information and Communication systems from the University of Geneva, with a minor in Business administration. He is in charge of general administration, budgets and accounting, publications and communication instruments, IT infrastructure development and maintenance as well as internal control and compliance. Prior to joining Ethos, he worked for ten years at the audit and consulting firm Deloitte in Geneva where he became deputy director in 2012.

The boards of Ethos thank Kaspar Müller and Heinz Achermann very much for their important work for Ethos during many years. They made a significant contribution to the development and the success of Ethos since its founding.