The «Ethos Equities Swiss Mid & Small» investment fund is now open to all categories of investors. Retail investors can subscribe to this fund at the same conditions as qualified investors. This equity fund allows investors to finance small and mid-sized listed companies thereby contributing to promoting the industrial sector, innovation and job creation in Switzerland.

The investment fund «Ethos Equities Swiss Mid & Small» was launched in December 2004 and has since been managed by Vontobel Asset Management. Ethos is responsible for defining the investment universe based on its own ESG ratings. Ethos is also in charge of voting at the general meetings of the investee companies and engaging in a dialogue on specific environmental, social and governance issues.

Integration of extra-financial investment criteria

The fund invests in small and mid-sized companies. Approximately 48% of the fund is currently invested in the industrial and technology sectors against 35% for the benchmark (SPI Extra). Those two sectors are key for the long term and sustainable development of the Swiss economy.

Investee companies are in majority the top performers according to the extra-financial (ESG) rating established by Ethos. The fund can also invest up to 25% in companies that have started to address sustainability issues but still have a potential for improvement. The positions in such companies can however not be overweight. By investing in these companies, Ethos can engage in a dialogue to encourage the implementation of best practice. No investment is however allowed in companies that either do not address or deny their environmental, social and governance challenges.

Ethos considers that the companies with the best extra-financial rating will create more value in the long term. In fact, the companies that have fully integrated their environmental, social and governance issues will have more business opportunities in the future and reduced financial, reputational and compliance risks. As a result, Ethos is of the opinion that those companies will be more likely to outperform their peers in the long term.

Systematic exercise of shareholder voting rights

Since the fund's inception, Ethos systematically votes at the general meetings of the investee companies in accordance with Ethos' voting guidelines. Ethos' voting guidelines as well as a detailed report of Ethos' voting positions are available on its website ( In 2013, Ethos voted at all general meetings (41) of the companies included in the fund. 12% of the board's proposals were refused by Ethos. The most contested topics were the approval of the remuneration report and the request for capital increases.

Outperformance of the benchmark

Since its launch in December 2004, the fund has achieved a cumulative performance net of fees of 142.7% compared to 128.4% for the benchmark SPI Extra TR (as of 31.12.2013), corresponding to an annualized performance of 10.3% per year compared to 9.5% for the benchmark. This good absolute and relative performance demonstrates that taking into account extra-financial criteria in the investment process creates additional value in the long term.

The total fund ratio (management and custody fees) is between 0.4% and 0.8% per year depending on the investment. For investments exceeding CHF 1 million, investors are entitled to receive an annual rebate in accordance with the rebate table published on Ethos' webpage and in line with the conditions of the custodian bank.

How to subscribe

Investment in this fund is possible through most Swiss banks. A spread of 0.05% is charged by the fund upon buying or selling shares in order to cover the associated transaction costs and protect the existing investors. In addition, Ethos draws attention to the fact that each custodian bank may charge additional subscription fees.

Name: Vontobel Fund (CH) II - Ethos Equities Swiss Mid & Small A

ISIN: CH0023568022

Valor Number: 002356802



In Brief

  • Transparent investment process with excellent track record
  • Demanding and credible extra financial criteria
  • Outstanding financial performance since inception in 2004

  • Asset under management of CHF 240 million at year-end 2013

  • Transparent and attractive fee structure
  • Systematic exercise of shareholder rights (voting and engagement)



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