Ethos launches a low carbon intensity fund

Ethos launches a low carbon intensity world equities fund. Parallel to this, Ethos is joining the Montreal Carbon Pledge, a group of international investors that pledge to publish the carbon emissions of a part or of all their portfolios. On the eve of the Paris climate summit (COP 21) Ethos as a responsible investor contributes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ethos co-signs a declaration of global investors on climate change and asks the SIX Swiss Exchange to join the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative

In the context of the UN climate summit that took place in New York on 23 September 2014, 347 global investors with AUM exceeding USD 24'000 billion have published a common declaration on climate change. By signing the declaration, Ethos reiterates its engagement on climate change. In particular, Ethos will enhance its dialogue with listed companies and the SIX Swiss Exchange to encourage more companies to publish precise objectives with regard to GHG emissions reduction.

Ethos Director Receives LANDIS & GYR FOUNDATION 2012 Award

Dominique Biedermann, managing director of Ethos Foundation, is honoured with the LANDIS & GYR FOUNDATION 2012 award. The prize is in recognition of his personal commitment to the implementation of corporate governance best practice and the principles of sustainable development in investment activities.

Ethos Opposes BP’s Annual Report and Accounts

Ethos, together with an international coalition of leading socially responsible investors, led in the USA by Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS), will oppose the BP annual report and accounts as well as certain members of BP's Safety, Ethics and Environmental Assurance Committee at the company's upcoming annual meeting to be held on 14 April 2011.

Ethos and a Coalition of Investors Press for Increased Accountability at BP

US, UK and other global investors in BP, among whom Ethos, have agreed to work together to hold BP accountable following last year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. As a result and to give BP more time to address investor concerns a planned shareholder resolution seeking increased disclosure of the company's efforts to mitigate risk across operations will not be filed at the 2011 annual general meeting. If progress is not seen, the resolution will be filed in 2012.

Ethos Appointed as Engagement Partner of Bank Pictet Environmental Fund

Ethos has been selected by Pictet Funds to provide sustainability advice to its newly launched theme fund, “Pictet-Environmental Megatrend Selection”. Specifically, Ethos will engage in dialogue with selected investee companies, to convince them to improve their environmental, social and governance practices.

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