Ethos and other investors maintain pressure for safe working conditions in Bangladesh’s textile industry

April 24 2017 marked the 4th anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, that killed over 1’100 garment workers and injured an additional 2’600. Against this backdrop, a coalition of 137 global institutional investors with over USD 4.3 trillion under management, amongst which Ethos and the 11 members of the Ethos Engagement Pool International, issued a statement highlighting the success of the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety (‘Accord’).

Climate change: Ethos Foundation’s five expectations from companies

Ethos publishes an Engagement Paper addressed at listed companies which summarizes investor expectations regarding climate change risk management. Despite the urgency of the issue, currently less than half of the companies listed on SIX Swiss Exchange publish their greenhouse gas emissions.

Swiss Stock Exchange: Ethos asks for mandatory sustainability reporting

In its response to the consultation of SIX Swiss Exchange on the amendment of the directive on information relating to corporate governance (DCG), Ethos asks that the publication of an annual sustainability report become mandatory for listed companies. The amendment of the DCG proposed in the consultation launched by SIX only requires that companies that wish to publish a sustainability report must do so in accordance with an internationally accepted standard. In Ethos’ view, this proposal is unsatisfactory because it leaves the issuers with the option to not publish a sustainability report at all.

Ethos is committed to a low carbon economy

The climate summit in Paris (COP21) is the occasion for several countries to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the next decades. To meet these goals, a collective effort of all economic actors is required. In this context, institutional investors play an important role as capital purveyors for companies. They are called to be actively involved by urging companies to take into account environmental risks in their activities, by investing in companies with low carbon intensity and by communicating the carbon footprint of their equity portfolios. Ethos contributes actively to reaching these goals.

Ethos launches a low carbon intensity fund

Ethos launches a low carbon intensity world equities fund. Parallel to this, Ethos is joining the Montreal Carbon Pledge, a group of international investors that pledge to publish the carbon emissions of a part or of all their portfolios. On the eve of the Paris climate summit (COP 21) Ethos as a responsible investor contributes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ethos co-signs a declaration of global investors on climate change and asks the SIX Swiss Exchange to join the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative

In the context of the UN climate summit that took place in New York on 23 September 2014, 347 global investors with AUM exceeding USD 24'000 billion have published a common declaration on climate change. By signing the declaration, Ethos reiterates its engagement on climate change. In particular, Ethos will enhance its dialogue with listed companies and the SIX Swiss Exchange to encourage more companies to publish precise objectives with regard to GHG emissions reduction.

Ethos Director Receives LANDIS & GYR FOUNDATION 2012 Award

Dominique Biedermann, managing director of Ethos Foundation, is honoured with the LANDIS & GYR FOUNDATION 2012 award. The prize is in recognition of his personal commitment to the implementation of corporate governance best practice and the principles of sustainable development in investment activities.

Ethos Opposes BP’s Annual Report and Accounts

Ethos, together with an international coalition of leading socially responsible investors, led in the USA by Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS), will oppose the BP annual report and accounts as well as certain members of BP's Safety, Ethics and Environmental Assurance Committee at the company's upcoming annual meeting to be held on 14 April 2011.

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