Ethos and six Swiss pension funds found Ethos Engagement Pool International

Ethos and six Swiss pension funds are launching an engagement programme with companies listed abroad, the Ethos Engagement Pool International (EEP International). Following the success of the dialogue programme with companies listed in Switzerland, the aim is to extend the dialogue activities to the international level. Through collective engagement, the members of the group seek to raise awareness of companies with regard to corporate governance, as well as environmental and social responsibility best practice.

Climate change: Ethos Foundation’s five expectations from companies

Ethos publishes an Engagement Paper addressed at listed companies which summarizes investor expectations regarding climate change risk management. Despite the urgency of the issue, currently less than half of the companies listed on SIX Swiss Exchange publish their greenhouse gas emissions.

Ethos Engagement Pool : Publication of the 2015 Short Engagement Report

The Ethos Engagement Pool (EEP), launched in 2004 by Ethos and two pension funds, today consists of 125 institutional investors with AUM of 17 billion CHF in Swiss equities. United around Ethos, these institutional investors are convinced that engaging with companies is an efficient means for sensitizing them to best practice in corporate governance and sustainability.

UBS agrees to publish a summary of all its reports relating to the SFBC inquiry

Following talks initiated by Ethos regarding the request for a special audit UBS has confirmed in writing that it intends to engage in more transparent communication on the inquiries concerning the impact of US subprime crisis. UBS has agreed to provide shareholders with a summary of all its reports relating to the inquiry requested by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC).

Successful Initiative Against Corruption in the Oil and Mining Sector

In 2003, the ethos Investment Foundation joined a group of investors in a declaration to encourage companies in the oil and mining sectors to ensure greater transparency regarding revenues paid to governments for the mining of mineral resources (see news of 23 July 2003). This declaration followed the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) of Tony Blair’s government and which was discussed during the G8 in Evian in the Summer of 2003.

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