Ethos was awarded the BANCO d’OR 2006, “Corporate Governance Promoter of the Decade”, by BANCO, the Swiss magazine on asset management. The BANCO d’OR was awarded during Banco’s 10th anniversary ceremony organised at the Montreux Casino on 10.10.2006.

During the ceremony, BANCO’s two editors Indira C. Tasan et Selim R. Chanderli, declared: “We attributed the award to Ethos, Swiss Foundation for Sustainable Development, and in particular, to its director Mr. Dominique Biedermann, for his courage in his interventions at shareholder general meetings to defend employees, suppliers, the environment, future generations and, last but not least, investors. Ethos fights for a systematic exercise of shareholder voting rights and engages an active dialogue with companies to increase their awareness of sustainable development and corporate governance best practice”.

During the BANCO d’OR ceremony, 10 certificates “BANCO Fund Awards 2006” were attributed to 10 funds who had recorded the best performance over 10 years, and 10 “BANCO d’OR” were awarded in other categories, including “Fund Promoter of the Decade”, “Fund Administrator of the Decade” and “Alternative Investments Promoter of the Decade”.

About BANCO, the magazine on Asset management
The leading publication on asset management for the Swiss fund industry celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2006. BANCO, which covers all of Switzerland thanks to its two publications (one in French and one in German), is aimed at readers composed mainly of institutional investors – banks, trustees, and pension funds – and at sophisticated private investors. BANCO has been published by Forward SA since 1996, an independent editing house founded in 1996 by two journalists, Selim R. Chanderli and Indira C. Tasan. It is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.