Ethos has signed a letter to the Financial Times challenging oil and gas companies to do more to support the objective of the Paris Accord to keep global warming below 2 degrees. The letter was signed by 60 institutional investors with CHF 10'500 billion under management urging the oil and gas industry to be more transparent and to take responsibility for all its emissions. This should involve making concrete commitments to substantially reduce carbon emissions, assessing the impact of emissions from the use of their products and explaining how the investments they make are compatible with a pathway towards the Paris goal. The letter comes ahead of several high profile shareholder resolutions at oil and gas companies such as the Follow this resolution at Shell and reflects mounting pressure on the oil and gas industry to clarify how they see their future in a low-carbon world. Many investors are embracing their responsibility for supporting the Paris agreement. It is time for the entire oil and gas industry to do the same.

Letter to the Financial Times

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