Ethos has received approval from FINMA to open all of its investment funds to all investor categories. From now on, retail investors can subscribe to these funds at the same conditions as qualified investors. Ethos proposes to all investors investment solutions resulting from 20 years’ experience in socially responsible investment (SRI) and that combine best practices in this field.

All Ethos funds are managed in accordance with the Charter of the Ethos Foundation and Ethos’ eight SRI principles. As fund promoter, Ethos is responsible for defining the investment universe of the funds on the basis of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) assessment and for exercising the voting rights linked to the equity funds. Vontobel Asset Management manages the fund Ethos Equities Swiss Mid & Small while the other Ethos’ funds are managed by Pictet Asset Management.

As part of the ESG evaluation, Ethos excludes companies in sensitive sectors (arms, coal, and nuclear energy, genetically modified organisms in the agro-chemical industry, tobacco and pornography) as well as companies whose conduct violates the fundamental principles of ethics and sustainable development. The ESG evaluation of Swiss companies and debt issuers is done internally by Ethos’ analysts. The ESG evaluation of foreign companies is based on information from external providers (Reprisk, Sustainalytics and Trucost) which is put together and processed by Ethos.

As a signatory to the Montréal Carbon Pledge, Ethos publishes the carbon footprint of its equity funds. Ethos optimizes the carbon footprint of its funds by applying a carbon filter which takes into account the intensity of the companies’ greenhouse gas emissions as well as their climate change strategy.

The voting rights attached to the Ethos equity funds are exercised systematically in accordance with the Ethos proxy voting guidelines. The voting positions are communicated on the Ethos website in a specific report.

Investment in these funds is possible through most Swiss banks. Ethos draws attention to the fact that each custodian bank may charge additional subscription fees when buying or selling parts.

Ethos – Sustainable Balanced 33 (ISIN CH0242370002)

Vontobel Fund (CH) – Ethos Equities Swiss Mid & Small – A (ISIN CH0023568022)

Pictet-Ethos CH – Swiss Sustainable Equities, P dy (ISIN CH0008897636)

Ethos – Equities CH indexed, Corporate Governance (ISIN CH0023568071)

Ethos – Equities Sustainable World ex CH (ISIN CH0296842419)

Ethos – Bonds CHF (ISIN CH0023568386)

Ethos – Bonds International (ISIN CH0023568436)

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