Ordinance 2 of the Federal Council concerning measures to combat coronavirus allows companies to hold their general meetings in private. In this case, shareholders may only vote through independent proxy or the electronic system designated by the company. Ethos regrets that the ordinance no longer allows shareholders to delegate their voting rights to another shareholder. Many shareholders who wish to delegate their voting rights to the Ethos Foundation are now deprived of this option. In order to enable shareholders to continue voting in accordance with Ethos' voting recommendations, Ethos will publish its recommendations on its website 5 working days (instead of the usual 2 days) before the date of the general meetings, and this as long as the ordinance remains in place. The voting recommendations are available under the following link:

Dates of general meetings and voting positions

Ethos has taken measures to protect its employees from the current pandemic early on. Most employees work from home and continue to provide all of Ethos' services. In order to process the proxy forms received and to assist shareholders in completing their voting forms, Ethos continues to provide administrative assistance for the exercise of voting rights through its Geneva office.

Shareholders wishing to do so may continue to send the duly signed voting forms (all other fields left blank/unchecked) to Ethos Foundation, Place de Cornavin 2, Case Postale, CH-1211 Geneva 1. Ethos will then take care of completing the forms according to its voting recommendations.

Ethos' 2020 Proxy Voting Guidelines and Corporate Governance Principles

Remuneration of the Chairmen and CEOs of SMI companies in 2019