February / 02.2023

    • General meetings

    The 2023 general meetings (AGM) season will begin on March 7 with Novartis. After three years behind closed doors, the traditional AGMs will resume their rights. However, the threat of virtual meetings already hangs over this new season. Novartis indeed proposes to its shareholders to include in its articl…

    • Corporate Governance
    • Dialogue

    Ethos and its partner EthicsGrade have examined how the largest listed companies in Switzerland manage issues related to digitalisation, be it data protection, the use of artificial intelligence or the environmental and social impact of their digital systems. While progress has been made compared to last y…

    • Corporate Governance

    Ethos announces the appointment of three new members to its executive management. Aurora Mouturat-Sorensen, who joins the company, will be responsible for the proxy voting at general meetings as well as for ESG and engagement services with listed companies in Switzerland. David Jeannet and Matthias Narr, m…

January / 01.2023

December / 12.2022

    • General meetings
    • Corporate Governance

    To prevent any deterioration of shareholder rights linked to the revision of Swiss law on public limited companies, the Ethos Foundation is strengthening its voting guidelines for the 2023 annual general meeting (AGM) season. Ethos fears in particular a transfer of power from the AGM to the board of direct…

November / 11.2022

    • Responsible investment

    The investment funds offered by Ethos saw their score increase this year during their certification by the German Forum for Sustainable Investments: three of them obtained the maximum of three stars and a fourth fund obtained two stars.

    • Dialogue

    The annual meetings of the Ethos Engagement Pools Switzerland and International took place this Thursday morning in Bern. The members of the two programmes validated the ESG themes that will be discussed with Swiss and foreign companies next year.

October / 10.2022

    • Dialogue

    The Ethos Engagement Pool (EEP) International officially welcomed its 100th member last Friday with the joining of the GEMINI Collective Foundation. This shareholder dialogue program with foreign companies was launched by Ethos and six pension funds in 2016.