July / 07.2023

June / 06.2023

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    On Thursday, Ethos unveiled a new methodology for assessing global warming caused by the activities of listed companies. The methodology also aims to measure the credibility of companies' climate transition plans and the risks that climate change poses to their activities. The "Ethos climate transition rat…

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    The 2023 General Meetings of the Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services were held in Fribourg on Tuesday 13 June. All items on the agenda were approved. The current members of the Foundation board of Ethos and the board of directors of Ethos Services were all re-elected.

May / 05.2023

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    Submitted by a coalition of international investors with the support of the Ethos Foundation, the shareholder resolution calls for greater transparency from the Zug-based company, in particular with regard to the compatibility of its production and investments in coal with a global warming limit of 1.5°C.…

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    The proxy cards for the 2023 general meetings of Aevis and Swatch Group did not offer shareholders the possibility to delegate their voting rights, which the Ethos Foundation regrets as it makes it more difficult to exercise this fundamental shareholder right. The procedure for exercising such an option wa…

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    Ethos considers that Holcim's climate report has sufficiently improved to be approved this year. The company has taken into account the main criticisms expressed by Ethos in last year’s vote. Ethos will re-evaluate its position next year based on the company's progress on climate issues. However, Ethos rec…

April / 04.2023