January / 01.2022

    • Corporate Governance
    • Dialogue

    Carried out with the help of EthicsGrade, a UK-based company specialising in corporate digital responsibility ratings, this study examined the practices of the 48 largest listed companies in Switzerland (SMI Expanded). The results show that companies still lack transparency about their digital practices an…

    • Sustainable development
    • Responsible investment

    The Foundation Ethos is concerned about a decision that could go against the very original purpose of the taxonomy, which is to direct investments towards activities that have a favorable impact on the environment.

December / 12.2021

    • General meetings
    • Corporate Governance

    The 21st edition of its proxy voting guidelines and corporate governance principles is an opportunity to strengthen the sustainability and diversity requirements of the Ethos Foundation. The criteria for approving a sustainability or a climate report submitted to shareholder approval have been detailed. In…

November / 11.2021

September / 09.2021

    • Dialogue

    Ethos has collected international best practices in the fight against deforestation and summarised them in an Engagement Paper published today. On behalf of the 71 members of its international shareholder dialogue programme, Ethos will initially engage 7 multinational companies particularly exposed to defo…