September / 09.2018

    • Sustainable development
    • Responsible investment

    The evaluation of Ethos’s activity report covering the year 2017 to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) is now available. As every year, the result of the assessment in which 1462 organizations participated places Ethos among the world leaders in sustainable finance with scores well above the m…

July / 07.2018

    • General meetings
    • Corporate Governance

    Since the entry into force of the Ordinance against excessive remuneration (the Minder initiative), the different votes on board and executive remuneration are the proposals most contested by the shareholders, which is reflected in a stabilisation of overall remuneration in SPI companies and a slight decre…

June / 06.2018

    • General meetings

    The annual general meetings of Ethos Foundation and the company Ethos Services took place today in Fribourg. All the agenda items were approved. Rudolf Rechsteiner was elected unanimously to the chairmanship of Ethos Foundation and Beth Krasna unanimously to the chairmanship of Ethos Services. They succeed…

    • Sustainable development
    • Dialogue

    Ethos and the members of the Ethos Engagement Pool International (EEP International) are launching a multi-year engagement program urging eight European electric utilities to develop ambitious climate strategies to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy. Several institutional investors across th…

May / 05.2018