February / 02.2022

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    Since its creation on 2 February 1997, the Ethos Foundation has often played a pioneering role in Switzerland, whether it was to raise awareness among financial players of ethical issues, to promote best practices in governance or to change the environmental and social practices of companies. 

July / 07.2021

June / 06.2021

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    The annual general meetings of the Ethos Foundation and Ethos Services SA were held this Thursday morning. All the items on the agenda were approved by the members of the foundation and the shareholders of the company. In the afternoon, an online conference dedicated to climate risks for pension funds brou…

May / 05.2021

October / 10.2020

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    • Responsible investment

    Ethos Foundation, which specialises in socially responsible investing (SRI), and BCV, Switzerland’s fifth-largest universal bank, have entered into a long-term strategic partnership through which they will offer sustainable investment products. In the first phase, six Ethos funds will be managed by BCV’s A…

September / 09.2020

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    On 3 November 2020, Ethos is organising a conference on corporate digital responsibility. This event, part of the Digital Days 2020 program, will bring together a panel of experts who will discuss the issues and challenges that concern both companies and responsible investors.

June / 06.2020

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    The 2020 general meetings saw the appointments of Laura Sadis and Marc Chesney to the board of Ethos Foundation and of Nicole Beiner to the board of Ethos Services SA. These nominations allow Ethos to strengthen its competences in strategic areas. The shareholders of Ethos Services SA also approved the sta…

May / 05.2020

    • Sustainable development
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    The B Corp label attests to the positive social and environmental impact of Ethos on society. It rewards almost 25 years of commitment to responsible investment and promotion of a stable and sustainable socio-economic environment for the benefit of present and future civil society. With 109 points, Ethos r…