Digitalisation is one of the three major societal challenges of the 21st century, along with climate change and growing inequalities.

While it offers considerable potential for economic development for companies and their shareholders, the digital revolution has also brought about new legal, social and environmental challenges. 

The Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed how our personal data can be used for commercial and political purposes. The development of new business models is undermining our historic social systems. Cyber security, on its size, has become a major issue for companies whose valuation and reputation can be seriously affected by a cyber attack at any time. 

For Ethos, corporate digital responsibility is now an integral part of good corporate governance and the ESG criteria which an investor must take into account when making investment decisions. This conference, which is part of the Digital Days 2020, aims to present and discuss these issues, starting with the ethical challenges of data processing and artificial intelligence and the societal dimension of digital transformation.

Keynote speakers :
Paul-Olivier Dehaye
Xavier Oberson
Prof. Tax Law UNIGE
Panel discussion :
Patrizia Laeri
Cornelia Diethelm
Shifting Society AG
Nicolas Passadelis
Jean-Henry Morin
Prof. Information Systems UNIGE
Eva Thelisson
AI Transparency Institute



Welcome and introduction
Beth Krasna, Chairwoman of Ethos Services SA


Lessons of the Cambridge Analytica scandal
Paul-Olivier Dehaye, Mathematician, Founder of 


Taxing robots: the solution?
Xavier Oberson, Professor of Tax Law, Partner of Oberson Abels 


Questions of the public 




Corporate digital responsibility: Ethos’ expectations
Vincent Kaufmann
, CEO of Ethos 


The Data Ethics Framework of Swisscom - Concept and First Experience
Nicolas Passadelis
, Head of Data Governance, Swisscom 


Round table discussion with the public: «Companies facing digitalisation: challenges, issues and responsibility»

  • Cornelia Diethelm, CEO Shifting Society AG, member of the Ethos Foundation Board since 2020 

  • Eva Thelisson, Co-Founder & CEO, AI Transparency Institute 

  • Nicolas Passadelis, Head of Data Governance, Swisscom 

  • Jean-Henry Morin, Professor of Information Systems, UNIGE 

Moderation : Patrizia Laeri (journalist)


Rudolf Rechsteiner
, Chairman of Ethos Foundation 


Cocktail dinner

Event in English,
simultaneous interpretation in German and French

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